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Neo Snow Skates
Neo Snow Skates
Neo Snow Skates
Neo Snow Skates

Neo Snow Skates

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FITS INTO ANY BAG: Extremely light and small


I love these things, going down these feels like a mix between rollerblading, snowboarding and skiing. These work best as mentioned on groomed conditions but slight slush isn't much of an issue as they still grip well. Also you can pack these anywhere and they don't weigh as much as ski or snowboard boots

-Sarah Johanson

I was skeptical of these at first, but after taking them out in 44 inches of fresh POW they handled better than my 120mm powder skis. They exceeded my expectations both for Heli -Skiing in powder and on groomed trails ( because I am a fancy business man) greatest part was how light they were to walk up, with out compromising fun on the way down. As soon as you even think the word turn there they are helping you change direction on the giant slopes of the west ( groomed or not ) also less area for the COVID 19 virus to attach itself too when you pick them up at the airport which was a huge worry of mine coming into the 20/21 season. Oh and let's not forget the moguls! What a performer!! Iced or not the edges over performed anything I have owned before.

-Andrew Neibert


This product is simply amazing. I had the opportunity to use these in Vail, Colorado. I had a pretty good time and i am looking forward to using them on the trails and slopes soon. They fit my winter hiking shoes and snowboard boots very well, also they are a high quality/durable product. The universal fit allows your friends and family to try them on and have a blast. Beyond that, the company's customer support is amazing.

-Anthony Brown


This is an excellent product. Very durable and sturdy. It takes a little getting used to but if you ski or skate you’ll get the hang of it in no time. This is very portable as it comes with a sling bag, if you are looking to have a good time in the snow, i recommend you to try this sport.

-Carlos Martinez